Highflyers Inc is a boutique consulting firm in the field of frontline sales and marketing. Our core focus is developing individuals in a holistic manner by (1) working with them to enhance their technical,More interpersonal, and communication skills; (2) coaching them in areas of personal development; and, (3) guiding them in growing their careers.

We are looking for TRAINEES for our HIGHFLYER GRADUATE PROGRAM who:1. Would be proud to be working with international NGOs2. Consider both personal and professional growth a priority in their lives3. Has great communication skills4. Loves to travel the Philippines and the world5. Would love to work for three things: money, skills upgrade, to make the world a better place - in no specific order

WE ARE LOOKING TO PRIORITIZE INDIVIDUALS WHO CAN START AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, however if you cannot start soon but believe you can be an excellent addition to our team, SEND IN YOUR APPLICATION.

Email: and place "I WANT TO BE A HIGHFLYER" as the subject.

Mom, entrepreneur and full-time HF fundraiser & team builder - Mytch is truly a role model to alot of people. She balances taking care of her adorable son, being a full time fundraiser on the field and at theMore same time, taking on the challenge of learning team building. Read up on how her experience working with us has helped her grow into the amazing person that she is.

"I joined HF 5 yrs ago, back then I was skeptical if I can do the job of a fundraiser. I repeatedly asked myself if this is the job that I have been looking for. Turns out it was one of the the best career decisions I ever made in my life. The job is fun, interesting and inspiring. As the years continued, my awe and respect… More

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full time,intern
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Not requirements
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