VLCC Beauty Supplements ₹924 - All India VLCC Wellscience #Beauty For #Healthy...

VLCC Beauty Supplements ₹924 - All India VLCC Wellscience #Beauty For #Healthy... content expired - 4 months ago

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Sun, 02/25/2018
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VLCC Beauty Supplements
₹924 - All India

VLCC Wellscience #Beauty for #Healthy #Skin , #Hair & #Nails.

Asia's No.1 Wellness Brand #VLCC , Looking for #top #leadership from every city of India for its Newly Launched Direct selling Opportunity.

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#Mahavir #Kaintura
(Double Crown Diamond Director)
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Let me share 4P's of VLCC Wellscience.


Indian Multinational 1000+ Crores, 20 Countries . Manufacturing units at India, Bangladesh & Singapore,4500+ Scientists, doctors & Cosmetologist.

Based on Active Identifiable Marker technology. Starting from Rs 99/20tab . Peraben & sulphetes free Personal care range having 6-9 extracts. Green tea , Nutraceutical supplements.32 products..Every months launching many new products.

Build 2 legs get 10types of Incomes.
90% Distribution on sales volume ( Nett 50% on Rupees + Retail Margin ).1id 3B.C. Earn 12 times in a month. Same plan for Joining & repurchase. 3 income on co 3% pool. Qualify once in a quarter get whole year.

Annual reward from Laptop to Mercedes-Benz.

7-10% instant on first month of every new joinee, 3-5% Lifetime.15-20% Matching on joining & repurchase.

*Professional business Support*

You can use all VLCC Institute for trainings with approval.
Venue support/trainings support.Free courier Home delivery after 3800.Rs 35 on Rs 355 & above.
No admin charges. Only TDs deduction.

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